I am a feminist, Southern storyteller and reporter that doggedly looks at the world with a critical eye.

I am a Teaching Assistant Professor of Journalism and freelance multimedia journalist based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Although news reporting is my first love, I have a passion for writing editorials, opinion pieces and first-person essays, a craft I’ve honed after years of reporting almost every beat, across media. Early in my career I was the only woman/person under 40 on an editorial board and it taught me how to thoughtfully be heard.

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Journalism, Essays, & Reviews

My work, which has spanned print, online, TV, radio and podcasting – received awards from the National Society of News Columnists and National Federation of Press Women in 2023. I am a freelance contractor for various outlets including The New York Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where I write book reviews.

I believe in the nuances of stories; the gray area between the shouting sides that so often get attention. To explore those gray areas in my own profession, I completed a one-year 10,000 mile journey to chronicle journalism in America, which earned awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Federation of Press Women, among others.

Book Reviews

When 2 engineers get together, sparks fly

Not many romance novels feature introverted women who don’t like being around people and have no need to kowtow to societal niceties. The problem is inherent for the writer: How do you make someone likable if they are hard to get to know? That’s one of many challenges Ali Hazelwood tackles in her newest book, “Not In Love.”